Welcome to New Judah

Shalam.  Praise Yah!  We are so thankful that you have visited our site.  Please take a look at the wares in The Shop at New Judah and check out the Excerpts from Choose Life also.  Check out the Watchmen Academy page for info on the Summer Watchmen Program.

Our Mission

Shalam.  New Judah is one of the many organizations which are working as Hands of God for good works.  We are looking to connect with other like-minded individuals and organizations who are working on behalf of the Creator to help heal our hurting world.

Our founder believes that all of the inhabitants of the Earth are descendants of the people of the bible.  The Exile of Israel and Trans-Atlantic slave trade made it so.  Although the names of the peoples and the places have changed over time, the story of the history of the world is, that the people started out as one people under God and will end up that way.  The Creator’s Word has not and will not fail.

The Nations have gathered themselves in confederacy against the people of the Most High.  They have convinced many that the power of God is not real, meanwhile, we watch them wield God’s power of wrath everyday.

The people of the Most High are allowing the people of the nations to monopolize the resources created for us all.  Chaos needs no coordination.  Our healing work does.  In order for the people of God to come together, we have to start by understanding that we do not all have the capacity to understand God in the same terms.  We have to sometimes force ourselves to get passed some of the wording used to listen to the spirit of the thought.

If most issues are caused by false information, miseducation, and miscommunication, what would be the wisdom in God confusing the languages at Babel, if not for us to find our way back to the Creator through having to learn from and build with one another?  With all of the advances in technology, the world has been made small enough for almost all of us to be able to be in communication.  But in order for peace and love to prevail, we have to focus on peace, love, and one another.

Its so sad that the nations want us focused on violence, sex, and building our own brands.  With New Judah, that is not so.  Our focus is service and community building.  We are striving toward providing training for the able-bodied  in all manners of service, and low cost high quality services for the people of the Most High who are in need.

The grace of God is in the dispensation of talents given to the people of God for them to be able to make it by on a daily basis, regardless of what obstacles the enemy places before us.  We have to stop selling our talents to the enemy who are just mass producing them and changing them from gifts of God into perversions of men.  We have to pool our talents, which are resources, and create the community that we need to heal our people and our world.  Shalam.

Our Purpose

The main objective and purpose of New Judah is to provide a network of high-quality low-cost services for people in need.  Our objectives include, but are not limited to:

  1. Providing facilities where at risk people can go for services and recreation.
  2. Providing facilities and programs for at risk people to utilize for self-improvement.
  • Recovery Support
  • Posttraumatic Stress Support
  • Workforce Re-entry
  • Health Restoration

3. Providing family sponsorship programs for at risk working families.

4. Providing opportunities and experiences for the most at risk people in the most at risk communities which they would not otherwise be exposed to.

5. Creating programming for people to share skills and teach one another.

6. Providing facilities to provide high quality childcare, mentorship, and academic support from Preschool to Ph.D.

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